What is DnD?

Dungeons and Dragons or DnD for short is a roleplaying board game. It involves a Game Master or GM to control how the game plays. There are also Player Characters or PCs are the actual “players” within the game.

Then some dice, pencils, paper, and your imagination are the bare necessities to get the game started. The GM will use a “module” which can be a detailed or obscure walkthrough of what the players will encounter on their adventure.

The Basics of how the gameplay works is that first, The GM describes what is occurring. For example, there is a room with a broken table in the center and four lanterns lit in each of the four corners. There is one door across the other end of the room.

Then the next step after the GM is done describing the room, is the players describe what actions they’d like to do. For example, one player asks “I would like to examine the torches and see if there any hidden mechanisms on them.”

Then lastly the GM describes the results of the player’s decisions. This can lead to other scenarios or end in failure. For example, the GM informs the player that the torch on the far right wall indeed was a concealing a hidden lever. Would you like to pull it?

This process continues for out the duration of the session.

These can be used for different scenarios, be it dungeon crawls or diplomatic negotiations with a foreign country.