The Rise of Tiamat

This Rise of Tiamat review is here to tell whats in store for your group.

The big finale is here in this slimmer book but was it worth the wait?

This adventure book is for parties of level 8-15.

Overall Impression

So this book looks rather wimpy in comparison to other much meater books.

This book clocks in at a pathetic sounding 94 pages. So first impressions don’t look very well with this book to start with.

This book needs some heavy content in here if it plans on following up the Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

That being said it does actually have some decent looking stuff in here.

The layout with the Council of Waterdeep alone is pretty well thought out on how they plan on handling the situation.

Individually the adventures laid out in this book are pretty exciting. So hats off to the developers in pulling that through.


But here comes the big but, The Finale is frankly a little lack luster. The party has spent a bunch of sessions and level grinding to get here and it feels, meh.

That was the biggest let down of it is the Finale of all things. It is a salvageable campaign however. If you are wanting to do a little work on your part to give this the love it needs then by all means get this book.

If you are wanting to lift the material to incorporate into your own worlds then get this book.

Because there is some good stuff in here like the little adventure missions are well executed and thought out.

Just don’t expect this to be a great experience in one whole piece.

Overall 3.2/5 Stars

This Rise of Tiamat review has been conducted by your friendly neighborhood DnD Scholar.

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