Tales From the Yawning Portal

This Tales From the Yawning Portal review was done to give you all a good idea about this book.

This book includes seven dungeons for any party willing to take the risk.

If you ever wanted a highlights reel of the best dungeons produced by the companies that made Dungeons and Dragons possible then look no further!

The dungeons included are:

  • The Sunless Citadel
  • The Forge of Fury
  • The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan
  • White Plume Mountain
  • Dead in Thay
  • Against the Giants
  • Tomb of Horrors

Overall Impression

The biggest task the writers had with this book was to, take all the old standards written by the classics and make it 5e friendly.

This was probably a little project on the side for most developers for quite a while now and it finally had all come together.

My instinct looking through the material and trying out the Tomb of Horrors module myself was yes, they have made it true to life.

My players hated me for it… But that Gary Gygax was a mad lad.

This book had some wicked dungeons in it and was what i could have hoped for from this.

Sad to say if you are looking for much story it won’t be here.


Much like Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, this book carries with it some great content to lift from.

If you need a challenging last minute or just in general dungeon boom this book has it.

So yea I think this a great addition to any collection because its a great place for inspiration.

All in all I give this book a 4.5/5 Stars

This Tales From the Yawning Portal review has been conducted by your friendly neighborhood DnD Scholar.

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