Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

This Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide review is here to help you decide if this book is worth your time.

The Sword Coast is full of perilous danger to any not prepared to face the challenge. It is an untamed wilderness with a few bastions of civilization to keep it in check.

But is it really as good as it seems?

Overall Impression

As a fan of the Forgotten Realms series, I of course loved the idea of putting some players on the Sword Coast.

However, as myself and others feel about this book it leaves much to be desired in terms of content especially for the cities.

What this book does mostly is gives it the regions lore a huge reset.

Which is a good thing because there was a lot of conflicting information from all the books, games, etc…

There is a bright side though.

This book comes with:

  • 13 new class archetypes
  • 12 new backgrounds
  • A more through explanation of the Pantheon
  • Details of the wilderness

All in all the detailed explanation of the Pantheon is a good thing that can be lifted. After all lord knows there is some scattered source material on the various Gods that can dishearten any would be cleric.

Do the pros out weigh the cons though?


Whilst it is very interesting and a great place for most new players to start with. It frankly is generic.

That obviously has its advantages but for any seasoned player it might not be enough to excite them.

You can use it as a template perhaps and build upon it to make it more intriguing for those seasoned players.

Overall I give this a 3.8/5 stars.

This Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide Review has been conducted by your friendly neighborhood DnD Scholar.

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