Starter Set

This is a set of the first 3 DnD books I personally read since starting to play this game. You can buy the books separately or buy the bundled version and get a DM screen included!

The Player’s Handbook is an extensive guide from Wizard’s of the Coast. I personally have a buddy of mine still use his at the sessions we play in. It gives the players a chance to have an explanation of how to create their character and use them. It certainly is useful when the internet is basically nonexistent like on a stormy night. Or if you are just old school that way.

The Monster Maunel is exactly what it sounds like with descriptions of the monsters in it and then some. Like I mentioned before, it’s useful when the internet isn’t readily available.

The Dungeon Master’s Guide is pretty dense. However, that being said the information in it is valuable for any new and experienced GM alike. It has a lot of the rules explained in it as well and various methods of GMing involved but what draws me to reading it even now is the inspiration I gain while reading it. The possibilities in this game are truly endless and that’s how I feel reading it.