Player’s Handbook

This Player’s Handbook Review is for the purpose of giving my two cents on what I think about the book.

The Player’s Handbook is the official Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition guidebook for any new and veteran players. It is great in regards to how it explains the rules in a simplistic manner.

There are 300 pages of content full of goodies for anyone to easily be able to understand.

Overall Impression

The 5th edition rules are much more simplistic for a lot of good reasons. One of the reasons being that it is easy for children to pick up on.

This is a very good thing that developers are trying to pick up on so that it creates a stronger legacy. This gives us old-timers who have kids a way to integrate one of our loves to our children.

So if it is easier for children to pick up on then new comers are able to pick it up even faster, encouraging the growth of a new and thriving community.

All of this are good things but it terms of actual game play it gets even better.


Now as we all know Dungeons and Dragons is a game about freedom above all else. If you can think of a feasible idea then it can be done in game.

Granted your fate lies in the roll of your dice and the temperament of your Game Master. However, the rules put in place also can work in your favor.

Some of the rules are pretty set in stone and almost everybody follows them to letter but at the discretion of your Game Master. Some rules can be bent or broken in favor of making your particular game more fun. The book evens makes a note that you are absolutely free to do that!


Overall Wizards of The Coast have put a lot of thought and love into this edition. With the rise of popular shows giving this game some great time in the limelight its no surprise, more and more people are joining up.

The majority of this factor I can not stress enough has to do with the sheer simplicity involved.

Overall I give this book: 4.5/5

This Player’s Handbook Review has been conducted by your friendly neighborhood DnD Scholar.

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