Monster Manual

This Monster Manual Review is for the purpose of giving you my thoughts on this book.

The Monster Manual is the 3rd of the “core rule books”. Within there is a description of almost every monster your players can encounter. The artwork is just stunning but we’ll get into that more shortly. First I want to talk about the overall feel I get from this book.

Overall Impression

I love the feel I get opening up this book.

It gives me chills like I’m looking through some lost text made by a wizard talking about these monsters he encountered.

Obviously there are more technically components too it than just descriptions of the creatures within. From my understanding there are a lot of elements about the monsters that have transferred from the other editions which is great for those who have played them before. My thought is why fix it if it ain’t broke and in terms of monster WoTC put a lot of thought into them before.

The Layout is very easy to follow and concise which is very appreciative. In terms of Challenge Ratings, there are rules to dictate what monster’s are ready for your players to go up against. However it is very fluid in what actually happens after the numbers get crunched.


The monsters within are very well thought out and there are a lot material to work on. No need to wait for a second book to get some more monsters. Although some players have of course taken it upon themselves to make some home brew versions.

Always feel free to give your monsters some more creative flair! I once ran into an Awakened Gelatinous Cube riding a Drow Lizard mount. Have fun with it!

I give this awesome book a 4.5/5 stars.

This Monster Manual Review has been conducted by your friendly neighborhood DnD Scholar.

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