Hoard of the Dragon Queen

This Hoard of the Dragon Queen review is to give y’all a good idea about this book.

This is the first official book released by Wizards of the Coast and is an introduction book for this campaign.

There are some mixed feelings about this book so let me shed some light on the situation.

Overall Impression

It is VERY hack and slash. So if you are looking for some dynamic role-playing high stakes situations. It’s not gonna be here without some creative liberties taken.

Which can be done but would be a huge pain so if you aren’t into that then I’m not gonna recommend this for ya.

Granted I do love Dragons so a strong urge is given to that but overall that doesn’t help in the long run.

Not mention it is only half of an adventure here. They come out with the second release to this campaign not long after but still it kinda leaves a sore taste in your mouth.


Gosh I wish I could give this some more love but it just doesn’t do it for me.

It can be fun for a new group that is uncomfortable with role play and is trying to learn the combat mechanics. However, you have to be very careful that it doesn’t leave a sore taste for those players thinking that this is all it is.

So take this book at a grand assault it is the first book of the series and Shakespeare needed a few tries before he could get it right too.

Overall I give this 2.5/5 Stars

This Hoard of the Dragon Queen review has been conducted by your friendly neighborhood DnD Scholar.

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