Ghosts of Saltmarsh

This Ghosts of Saltmarsh Review was put here to help determine if this book is a worthy addition to the collection.

All in all I am a Pirate Era romantic at heart, so this book already had me drawn in from that concept alone.

But did it deliver my standards of an intriguing yet swashbuckling adventure?

In short, Yes, it does.

Overall Impression

What Wizards of The Coast emphasized more in this book than some of their works is Social Interaction and Intrigue.

You won’t solve all of the town’s problems by killing anyone suspicious-looking. The problem is, everyone is suspicious-looking and not everything is as it seems.

This reeled me in immediately as I delved into the reading over the 8 Chapters of Content.

This first chapter naturally is the Introduction of the Setting and is full of wonderful twists that will make any GM smile.

The rest of the Chapters are adventure driven.

In terms of combat Wizards stuck to their usual formula of a lot of small combat encounters scattered throughout. It has some appeal if you enjoy the grind but what’s truly golden is the Ship mechanics introduced in the Appendices. They of course work so very well into the Adventures that lie within.

It was a breath of salty air reading over these mechanics. It is very dynamic and has a huge impact on the success of the overall success of the missions.


Overall, I fell in love with the Pirate Era all over again and it has the perfect taste in a fantasy setting.

I’ll be brief with this one. Yes, highly recommend this book.

4.8/5 Stars

This Ghosts of Saltmarsh Review was done by your neighborhood DnD Scholar.

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