Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount

This Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount Review is to tell you about how awesome this book is.

Alright, don’t freak out guys but if you are a fan of Critical Role, particularly the Mighty Nein Campaign. Then of course this book is the book for you.

Let’s delve in.

Overall Impression

Alright quick coverage on the artwork here. It is fantastic and properly placed throughout.

This is a setting book first and foremost but what it does well is add a few adventure hooks in each location. Some setting books like to cram full thought out adventures in these books to eat up space. Not so in this case.

The Heroic Chronicle section in this book I found particularly interesting as NPC building charts. Most of it very much geared towards the Wildemount variety of things but can implemented into other settings with a bit of work.

This book comes with a lot of race reprints and variations included for elves, and few others.

New subclasses, magic items, and spells are included as well. I could get into them much deeper but it would run this on for far too long. My general thought on them though is they are quite well thought out.


Oh man there is so much to unpack in this setting book…

This book overall is fantastic. It does have some Adventures in Chapter 5 if you want to pick it up for some one shots or a drawn out campaign so that is a plus.

The content on the various factions and races, in regards in how they cooperate is extensive.

All in all a great addition to any collection to run as a campaign or to lift some content to add to your campaign. This is a wonderful book for that.

4.8/5 Stars

This Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount Review has been conducted by your friendly neighborhood DnD Scholar.

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