Entertaining Podcasts

If you are ever interested in any Dungeons and Dragons Podcasts, read their reviews here before you jump in headfirst. I’ll give you my personal insight on them as well as a link to their websites and other reviews on them.

Critical Role

Critical Role is a very popular podcast/program. They live stream all of their sessions on Thursdays at 7 on Twitch. The previous videos are also uploaded on Youtube if you prefer to watch them instead of listening. Believe me, they are as fun to watch as they are to listen too.

That being said they are all nerdy voice actor types with a love for the game. Each one of them inhabits a loveable character they truly bring to life with their driving role play. Be it from season 1 with Vox Machina or season 2 with the Mighty Nein, they both have such memorable moments.

They don’t always explain some of their actions very clearly. So I do suggest that beginners approach the “technical” gameplay of it with a grand assault but you can learn a lot from listening to them. Afterall they are forgetful humans too.



Dragon Talk


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