Dungeons and Dragons Character Classes

Classes are specific characteristics that enable you access to certain abilities both in and out of combat.

Then they are broken down into 3 groups: base, archetype, and domain.

The base is the lowest level of classes they are: Fighter, Druid, Monk, etc…

An archetype is the specialized form of a base class that becomes available at character level 3. For example a Champion Fighter or a Samurai Fighter. Both are still Fighters but they have different archetypes or specialties.

The domain refers to the cleric class that is available at character level 1. They do not get archetypes instead they get domains which means an “influence” over a certain aspect of life typically in accordance with the deity they serve. A nature cleric serving a nature-loving god and a death cleric serving a death-loving god.

Essentially the domains are the Cleric archetypes.

Here is a list of the classes available to Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.