Dungeon Master’s Guide

This Dungeon Master’s Guide Review is here to give you my impression about this work.

The Dungeon Master’s Guide is a must-have for any budding Game Master. The skills and techniques they teach in this book are invaluable for running any campaign in Dungeons and Dragons.

What’s awesome about this book is the explanation it has not only to run the games but build the games too. The world building in it is quite spectacular.

Overall Impression

The Dungeon Master’s Guide is full of very valuable material such as world building, campaign management, encounter creator and much more.

This is to give new and old Dungeon Master’s much needed guidance to help organize their game into a much more concrete place.

In particular, the section labeled Master of Adventures is quite helpful in creating adventures and encounters and then putting the two together seamlessly.

Within there are many rules also mentioned that where not covered as thoroughly in the other texts released. As well as variant rules such as Sanity and Honor Scores.

Another great addition is the Appendices with some built dungeons and maps to help out in a pinch or use as examples for your own map building and setting.

This book gives you all the tools you could need to be the Game Master we know you can be.


This book is a great resource for any GM to have at their disposal as a learning tool or mid game play use.

If you are ever searching for some inspiration for your campaign as well check out the back few pages for some material the creators at WoTC recommend.

Overall I give this guide a 4/5 for the valuable content but some of it may not ever be used.

This Dungeon Master’s Guide Review was done by your neighborhood DnD Scholar.

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