Curse of Strahd

This Curse of Strahd review is to give you a good idea about this adventure book.

This horror adventure story takes players from level 1 to 10.

Now if you are into the spooky settings and haunted woods type of stories, then do I have a treat for you today…

Overall Impression

This being a later publication from Wizards of the Coast, has given the company some time to find where there faults lie in most of their publications.

However, some things still slip through the cracks occasionally..

This book is a great book the setting is beautiful the lore is all there, and is just chock full of environmental goodies.

You might find the actual adventure part of the book to be a little lacking.

If your players ignore the various plot hooks scattered about then you might just be stuck looking at the spooky scenery for awhile.

It’s a sandbox style of adventure which always has pros and cons. So if you can wrangle in your players to follow the plot hooks then thats great!

Otherwise it might just be easier for you to add some story in yourself.


All in all though a great setting book disguised as an adventure book!

Of course there are some new goodies for people to use like some powerful and unique magic items.

The entire area is just so wonderfully fleshed out like I said I just wish the story was a little more compelling but it is still a fun play through.

Do you dare attempt to stop the curse?

Overall I give this book a solid 4/5 Stars

This Curse of Strahd review has been conducted by your friendly neighborhood DnD Scholar.

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