• Wizards Dungeons and Dragons
    Wizards: Dungeons and Dragons Powerhouse The most iconic of classes in most games are Wizards. Dungeons and Dragons are no exception to this rule. They are powerful and can be quite useful in most campaigns. In fact they are typically detrimental to certain story lines. Fun Fun Fun First and foremost Wizards are quite fun … Read more
  • Fighters Dungeons and Dragons
    Fighters Dungeons and Dragons Backbone Character Well if you are knowledgeable about gaming culture, then they are considered the Tank. The character who can take a hit and dish one out as well is definitely the Fighters, Dungeons and Dragons have no shortage of fights… They have various things going for them and are highly … Read more
  • First Post Ever!
    Hello Adventurers! This will be the first of a long line of posts upon my website. We will be covering a high variety of topics. From: DnD Module Reviews Class Builds Gameplay Tactics DnD News Podcasts Whatever comes to mind… The possibilities are endless and I would love to hear from you about what you … Read more