Adventures with some Mystery

Now, this a genre of event-based adventures. Once again we are going to try and break this down for you. 

A villain can cause the following incidents that might inspire you to create a mystery based Adventure. For example, he could go on a crime spree and rob multiple nobles and your job is to track him down and stop him. Another type of starting up point for this adventure might be a murder or a one and done event. 

Regardless though for this type of adventure you need a Victim. Someone for the players to avenge or protect. They could question them or be searching their corpse for clues.

After that comes your Suspects. Ms Brown in the dining room with the smoke pipe… much like the game of clue you need a cast of suspects who may or may not have committed the crime but had the means motive or opportunity to do so… 

Lastly, you’ll need to have some clues in mind to help your players along to the culprit these can be verbal comments or physical items that connect the victim to the culprit. This can be quite tricky to accomplish especially for some really dense players. Wheater they get it or not there are bound to be some interesting events built off of this.