Wizards: Dungeons and Dragons Powerhouse

wizard dungeons and dragons

The most iconic of classes in most games are Wizards. Dungeons and Dragons are no exception to this rule.

They are powerful and can be quite useful in most campaigns. In fact they are typically detrimental to certain story lines.

Fun Fun Fun

First and foremost Wizards are quite fun to play as.

But they have a huge learning curve involved.

As a full caster, you gain access to very powerful spells very quickly in the early game.

However, the drawback is the more spells you gain the more choices you have in every scenario. Which can take up a lot of game time or be hard to make the correct choice…

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Spells Galore

The Wizard naturally has the largest array of spells available to them. With their handy spell book they record nearly every spell that isn’t divinely inspired.

That being said they can’t just whip out all those spells and use them whenever they feel like it.

There are rules to keep them from being totally overpowered….

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There are quite a few specializations available to the wizard class that add some flair to your character.

Naturally this flair comes with special features that other classes aren’t capable of.


All of this variety certainly gets the imagination juices flowing. The Universe is at the Wizards finger tips.

Wizards, Dungeons, and Dragons there is so much fun to had with this mixture! Be creative, be prepared and always think on your feet your GM and party will thank you for it.

Of course we thank Wizards of the Coast for making such an awesome game.