Fighters Dungeons and Dragons Backbone Character

Well if you are knowledgeable about gaming culture, then they are considered the Tank. The character who can take a hit and dish one out as well is definitely the Fighters, Dungeons and Dragons have no shortage of fights…

They have various things going for them and are highly recommended for any beginner players.

With high HP chances and four attacks available to them it is very unlikely that they will die quickly.

Plus every weapon and armor is available to them in the beginning.

This gives them versatility and adaptability for any play style and any situation.

However, there are some drawbacks…

As the name suggests no one does better in combat than Fighters, Dungeons and Dragons is composed of primarily three pillars of gameplay. Combat, Social Interaction, and Exploration.

Unless you go out of your way to give your character some skills via some feats or in-game training, it can be hard to insert your self in many situations other than combat.

This is ok for the players who love combat which some consider the greatest of the 3 pillars. However, this can be very dull to players who know only how to say “I attack the big monster…”

But there is a silver lining…

Great for First Timers!

Here’s why they are good for people getting into DnD for the first time…

First off lack of spells. This is one of the main reasons DnD can get complicated for people who haven’t played before because learning all or keeping track of the various spells can be tiresome.

You don’t want to overwhelm newcomers or they will run away faster than a goblin caught out in the open by himself.

So as they are learning to get the hang of social interactions from watching the more experienced players they don’t have to worry about dying right away either!

Two of the main reasons they won’t die right away either is HP and AC. If the player is smart or directed by his fellow players to go the heavy armor route their AC (armor class) will be very high without much effort.

This is good because a higher armor class means they have less of a chance for enemies to hit them. Even if they do hit them though they have more HP(hit points) at their disposal.

So if you have someone new wanting to join your group and they haven’t played before I recommend a Fighter is a good starting class.


The various Archetypes of Fighters are quite varied so do be careful when considering what kind of playstyle you are wanting to play. Listed below are the playable archetypes available at level 3:

What’s your favorite fighting style?

Write in the comments below what your favorite way to play as a fighter is. Let’s have a healthy discussion, shall we?

Any interesting combo of weapons?

A race that you don’t normally think of as a fighter being one?

Check out this wiki for some fun weapons as well!